MND Fundraiser

MND Australia fundraiserFacebook Post from Brett Brooks, Brother of #teamjodie

“.. awareness bring acceptance, acceptance brings funding, funding brings research and research brings cures & treatments!” – Jodie (Matt N Jodie), from her 2015 Team Jodie Gala Speech.

Heres the TLDR (short) version:

Cindy and I have created custom tights that will make you look hawt and raise awareness and funds for MND research and support.

Fund Raising? Yep, we have permission from MND Australia to use the MND Logo and colors. A percentage from each sale will go directly to MND Australia to go towards research into treatments and cures and also to help support those people affected by the disease.

Color: MND colors! Black, Blue, White.

– “Never give up” printed all the way down one side. It’s basically the catch phrase for MND people. It’s an awesome saying for anything though. It’s printed so the wearer can look down and read it, but also big enough for anyone to notice it and be motivated.
#raisingawareness, #raisingeyebrows, #raisingheartrates – All of these hashtags are printed on the other leg. Mixed in with the MND logo. Why hashtags? Hashtags are what the cool kids use today because they couldn’t be bothered using the space bar, plus the ‘#’ symbol just doesn’t get enough use.
– “Raising awareness” is another catch phrase related to MND but it could also be used for any disease / condition. The more people that know about it, the better.
– “Raising eyebrows” is basically a nod to everyone who may be shocked to think people (especially men) wearing tights is just wrong.
– “Raising heart rates” was originally there to represent the people who’s hearts flutter and start beating faster when they seen people (females and males!) wearing tights. I know there are a lot of them out there. It’s also representing people just getting out there and raising their heart rates for good causes. Lots of people get out and do walks, treks, bike rides, runs as a way to create awareness for lots of different things

Are these legit tights? Yep. They are professional grade, tried and tested. Cindy has been designing and making tights for a while now. Wearing them daily for crossfit, other exercise and just for comfort. Many other women all over Australia have bought her tights and love them. They are legit, will fit great and feel awesome to wear. The male version are legit male tights as well.

How do I get them? These are Backorder tights so this means once order is placed they can take around 4 weeks to arrive. We do have some stock onhand so you may be lucky enough to receive the order earlier than expected but please be patient. The funds are going to a great cause and the tights are well worth the wait.

Here’s the long story of how the idea came about:

While talking to some male friends at crossfit a few months ago we all got on to the topic of males wearing tights at crossfit. Most of the guys seemed to like the idea, but balked at the apparently stigma around them.

It got me thinking. Lots of girls wear them so surely there is some functionality about them (other than just making them look hawt). I decided to buy a pair and give it a try.

Then I got thinking. If i’m going to wear tights to a crossfit class then its going to draw a lot of attention. Why not use that fact to raise awareness for MND.

One of the amazing people I met through crossfit is Cindy. She runs Ark Sportswear and designs and creates tights. I saw her write a post about custom Vidafit comp squad tights she had created for the girls. I sent her a message asking how hard it would be to get a limited custom tights made. I told her I wanted to get some full length male tights made that were branded with MND related stuff. The idea at this stage was to just get a few pairs made that I could wear and get some attention for a good cause. She said it’s totally doable.

I sent Cindy a message with my ideas. Colors, writing, style etc. I also mentioned that a few people I has told about the idea were keen and maybe we would need more than just a ‘limited’ amount. I also suggested that maybe we could look at donating some of the sales to MND Australia.

Cindy loved the idea. About a month later she sent me a message with a design. She basically nailed it first go. It blew me away. She even had the MND official logo on them.

That got me thinking that maybe we need permission to use the logo. I contacted MND Australia and after a few calls and emails Cindy and I were both given official permission to use the MND Logo for fund raising purposes.

Jump ahead some more and and I’d actually forgotten all about it. I messaged Cindy and she told me had already ordered them and was expecting a shipment! Then at the end of December she sent me a selfie of her wearing a pair!

Which brings us to today. I never really had any idea that it would end up like this but I’m excited it has. A simple idea and the help of friends can turn into something that feel like an impending avalanche.

I’ll be rocking a pair of full length mens tights at regular crossfit sessions locally. I’m also going to be rocking them at the upcoming Masters League competition in Brisbane that will have around 160 athletes and numerous supporters present. I’ve no doubt I’ll be #raisingheartrates.

Are you a #raisingeyebrows person or a #raisingheartrates person? Either way we can all be #raisingawareness.