Sausage rolls

Super easy Sausage rolls

These little rolls of delishesness were demolished in seconds by the kids. It is so hard to get my little fella to eat veggies 😳 so I usually disguise as many as I can for him 😂😂 (he will never know)
Super easy ‘sausage rolls’
500g mince (I used Turkey but anything would work)
1/3cup Almond meal
2tbsp mixed herbs
1/2 cup grated sweet potato
1/4 brown onion chopped Finely
Salt and pepper
Rye mountain wraps
1egg beaten(to seal the wraps)
Mix mince, herbs, almond meal, egg, sweet potato onion and salt n pepper in a bowl until combined
-spoon small amount along the wrap from one end to the other ‘painting’ the wrap with egg as you go to seal it and place on a tray and paint the top to do it will brown.
Continue to do the same, the mix should make around 4-5 long rolls
Place on a greased tray and in a 180*C preheated oven for around 25min depending on thickness of rolls.
Let it cool slightly and cut into smaller rolls.
And enjoy!!!! Super easy and quick, great for after school snack or dinner 👌

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